Thank you and Goodbye @IndieInk

As most of you know, I’m an aspiring fiction writer and this blog has been a record of sorts of my journey. It started with #Nanowrimo, and somehow I ended up at Indie Ink.

Each week, I would receive a prompt from another writer and then using that prompt, write a story. I was a beginner and admitted as much. I did my best though, and never felt belittled, inexperienced, or out-of-place.

The writers, and the folks that ran Indie Ink, were the most inspiring, friendly, and awesome people I have ever met. They provided an avenue for good constructive criticism and of course, compliments. Both used to help us grow. Continue reading


Watery embrace

The creature stared at the shore, trying to remember. What was the pull to the shore?

Somehow, it knew at one time the land was more important than the water, but in the vagueness of its brain, in the vestiges of humanness that remained, it strained to pull that memory forward. All the creature knew now was that the shore and the land was dangerous.

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Yellowed paper


That was all she could say as she looked at the old lock on the jewelry box. She didn’t have the key and the lock was older than dirt. She had to get into the box. It had to be there. It was the last place she could look, she had literally torn her apartment apart.

The box had been handed down to her from her grandmother. It contained bits and pieces of her past – important things, “well, they were important at the time,” she said to herself.

The box and its contents were the only things from the past that she had left. Continue reading

But you don’t look sick…

think stencil art & graffiti cat

Image by via Flickr

She pulled her journal out of the drawer of the desk and flipped through the ink-filled pages while walking to her favorite chair. Her journal was always written in ink, never in pencil. The journals were records of her thoughts, her true, no-holds barred thoughts. No editing allowed here, ever. That’s the way she wanted it when she started writing so many years ago, and the crossed-out sentences and pages, were a testament to that. No editing, always the truth.

As she settled in the chair, she pulled the pen out of the journal that had marked the new page and started to write what she couldn’t say out loud, not yet anyway. The words and the tears started to flow.

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It’s #NaNoWriMo time

I can’t believe I’m writing this — we are getting ready to finish October and head straight into NaNoWriMo. Where did the time go? With that being said, I am taking a “time-out” from the Indie Ink writing challenges during the month of November. I hope you’ll stick around for my NaNoWriMo updates and if it seems that I’m slacking off, give me a push (or 3) to keep me on track. Here’s to 50,000 words in 30 days! It’s going to be an interesting month!

My fiction writing has a new home!

“The object of fiction isn’t grammatical correctness but to make the reader welcome and then tell a story…” Stephen King

Welcome to Fictional Graffiti!

That is one of my favorite quotes from Stephen Kings’ “On Writing,” and my goal with my writing…to tell stories and to entertain.

This is where you will find my fiction, non-fiction, Indie Ink writing challenges, NaNoWriMo posts, and other scribbling’s from now on.

I have moved all related posts from Thoughts from the Farm here, along with the comments.

While I’m not quite finished tweaking and playing with the blog, one thing I did do, was make it easier (I hope) to subscribe to Fictional Graffiti. You can now subscribe either via RSS direct to your Reader or via email via Feedburner. If you’re a WordPress blogger, there is a “follow” button.

I appreciate all of you that have supported, pushed, commented, and provided the best feedback ever. I hope you will continue to follow along on this journey of mine.

Fiction writing challenges, good lord what I have done…

I must be a glutton for punishment. I do not write fiction well (barely would be a good way of putting it), but here I am, once again attempting it. Last year, it was just NaNoWriMo. That was fun and the hardest writing challenge I ever attempted. As we know, I completed that challenge — albeit with a lot of help from my writer friends (and many word wars!). Continue reading