Such a beautiful sunset…


Sooooo….this month flew by. Seriously. I had every intention of at least trying to post weekly. Yep, that didn’t work. I’m going to try to do better in March. “Try” being the keyword.

I took these tonight in my driveway. We’re supposed to have a storm tonight, and if these clouds are any indication, I’m pretty sure it fizzled out. I shot these with my iPhone 4S (that has not been updated since iOS 7). I did not use a filter.

What do you think? What could I have done better? I’m trying to get the hang of shooting sunsets by adding space and proportion to my photo’s. Not there yet. Would love suggestions.

Have a great weekend – where ever you are. I have a paper to finish this weekend (I’m a full-time student, as well as a business owner)…


Photo Feb 27, 5 46 42 PM Photo Feb 27, 5 46 59 PM


Sunset after the storm…


Yes, I’m so far behind in the #CY365 challenge that’s it not worth trying to make up a months worth of shots. However, I do plan to make time starting this week to capture as many things as I can moving forward.

With that said, I took this shot tonight. A storm blew through today, and the sun came out just enough to set the clouds afire. No filter on this — just my standard settings on the Nikon.


sunset after storm