Week #8 – Other Photographers (Project 52)


We decided to have a bit of fun with this!


Watery embrace

The creature stared at the shore, trying to remember. What was the pull to the shore?

Somehow, it knew at one time the land was more important than the water, but in the vagueness of its brain, in the vestiges of humanness that remained, it strained to pull that memory forward. All the creature knew now was that the shore and the land was dangerous.

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Yellowed paper


That was all she could say as she looked at the old lock on the jewelry box. She didn’t have the key and the lock was older than dirt. She had to get into the box. It had to be there. It was the last place she could look, she had literally torn her apartment apart.

The box had been handed down to her from her grandmother. It contained bits and pieces of her past – important things, “well, they were important at the time,” she said to herself.

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Project 52 – a photography addition to the blog

A long time ago, I loved to take pictures. I would snap pictures of nature, architecture, things…rarely people. Last year when we went on our vacation to Yellowstone (the picture in this post is one I took from that vacation), we bought a new digital camera. Since I was with the Mr, I left the setting on “easy auto,” so he could easily take pictures. I prefer to play with various settings. So, I started playing around with it lately and lo and behold, the photography bug bit me once again! I have a fabulous 35mm camera, but for now, I’m using the digital.

I take pictures because I can’t draw worth a damn. Seriously, my “Still Life’s” look rotten and I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. I can however, take a picture. I’ve spent a lot of time on G+ lately and have come across fabulous writers and photographers. That’s how I found out about this photography Project.

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