Week #8 – Other Photographers (Project 52)


We decided to have a bit of fun with this!


Project 52 – a photography addition to the blog

A long time ago, I loved to take pictures. I would snap pictures of nature, architecture, things…rarely people. Last year when we went on our vacation to Yellowstone (the picture in this post is one I took from that vacation), we bought a new¬†digital¬†camera. Since I was with the Mr, I left the setting on “easy auto,” so he could easily take pictures. I prefer to play with various settings. So, I started playing around with it lately and lo and behold, the photography bug bit me once again! I have a fabulous 35mm camera, but for now, I’m using the digital.

I take pictures because I can’t draw worth a damn. Seriously, my “Still Life’s” look rotten and I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. I can however, take a picture. I’ve spent a lot of time on G+ lately and have come across fabulous writers and photographers. That’s how I found out about this photography Project.

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