New Year, New Challenges…

Happy 2015! I cannot believe it has been over two years since I have posted here. Well, yes I can.

All of the sites that offered writing challenges are gone, so I quit writing. I know, I could still write without them, but I didn’t. Excuses…

With Project #52, life got in the way, so I didn’t finish. More excuses…

Which brings me to a new photography challenge that I’m jumping into.

Capture Your 365” is a fabulous challenge that a friend introduced me to that gives the option of taking a picture (via prompt) daily or weekly. I am determined to do this challenge. My intention is to try to do the daily prompts — but will probably end up with the weekly challenges – as life (i.e. work and school) has a funny way of sneaking in. Either way, I’m sticking it out for the entire year…if it kills me!

The posts for this challenge will be a picture, a caption and the #cy365 tag. It will also be posted on Instagram and in the challenge community. I plan on using my phone and regular camera to take these pictures. It will interesting to how each camera does with these challenges.

I welcome your comments and constructive critiques, as I want to improve my “eye” and my skills.

Wishing everyone a fabulous 2015 ~~ this is going to be fun!


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