But you don’t look sick…

think stencil art & graffiti cat

Image by urbanartcore.eu via Flickr

She pulled her journal out of the drawer of the desk and flipped through the ink-filled pages while walking to her favorite chair. Her journal was always written in ink, never in pencil. The journals were records of her thoughts, her true, no-holds barred thoughts. No editing allowed here, ever. That’s the way she wanted it when she started writing so many years ago, and the crossed-out sentences and pages, were a testament to that. No editing, always the truth.

As she settled in the chair, she pulled the pen out of the journal that had marked the new page and started to write what she couldn’t say out loud, not yet anyway. The words and the tears started to flow.

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No 2011 #NaNoWriMo novel for me


Image by shaylamyst via Flickr

Well, November is over and I have no #NaNoWriMo novel to show for it. Not. one. word.

Yep, I  didn’t write the novel that I had hoped to share. Not this time. I didn’t win, but I’m not a loser either. I’m a victim of time and life. Although I’m pretty sure I would’ve been able to catch up, attending a conference the first four days of November put me quite a bit behind. Sadly, life jumped in and changed my plans…yet again.

I make no apologies, although I am embarrassed as all get out – I really wanted to take part (and I let y’all know that I was planning on it, a few times).

There is a bit of good news (cuz some of you have asked) –  I will be resuming my weekly fiction challenges, with the newest posting probably next week. I have to be honest, I’ve missed those challenges more than I missed writing my #NaNoWriMo novel.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I appreciate all of you and your support, encouragement, and occasional thumps upside the head!