The joy after recovery

The couple sat stunned as they listened to what the rehab doctor was telling them. It didn’t make any sense, didn’t seem possible. They didn’t know how to react… the trauma of what she had been through over the past eight weeks, starting with the accident and then her very rough recovery and rehab, did not lead to immediate excitement. The couple sat there trying to take in the news, each in their own reverie. The husband took hold of his wife’s hand and brought it to his lips. She closed her eyes and remembered.\

She thought back to what she remembered of the accident. She had just finished an appointment and was driving back to her office. She couldn’t wait to talk to her husband. She remembered seeing the truck come from the left and the sensation of flying. She didn’t remember that the truck t-boned her and literally sent the car flying through the air with such force that it came to a rest upside down. She didn’t remember the paramedics telling her they would have to cut her out of the car. She did remember the feeling of falling (she was upside down in the wreckage) when they finally cut her out with the “jaws of life.” She did not remember the ambulance ride or the emergency room. She remembered the pain.

She had suffered major injuries and her recovery had been slow and painful. One hip had been broken as were her legs and one arm. She had lost her spleen and had a bruised liver and kidney. She had a brain injury that initially worried them, but it turned out it was the least of their problems.

She had undergone multiple surgeries, endured a few setbacks along the way, but finally had turned the corner. She had pins and plates in her left leg and it had been an arduous process to walk. While her hip had healed, it contributed to the difficulties in her recovery. She was now walking with a cane, but tired easily. Her rehab stay was over. She was finally going home.

She thought back to the appointment she had before the accident. To the many appointments that had led to that day. She thought of the many tests, shots, and procedures that she had undergone. She thought of the anguish, the hope, and every emotion one could have, in the pursuit of her heart’s desire. Then she thought of the news she received at the appointment that she never had the chance to tell her husband. The news had gotten lost in the vague mists of the memories that were tucked somewhere in the back of her mind, but were now coming to the front. She remembered.

When she was recovering in the hospital, before the move to rehab, she remembered having conversations with her specialists about the future. They talked about what she would and would not be able to do – what her body would be able to handle. There was no way of knowing really and they took a “wait and see” attitude. Everything that she had planned was now put on hold, possibly forever.

She was brought back to the present, by her doctor. He was talking and she needed him to repeat it. “What,’ she said? “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” The doctor looked at her and said “I’ve looked through all the tests that were done on you when you first came into the emergency room and subsequent tests done before your surgeries. Not one of these tests show your current situation. Not one.” “I’m just as surprised as you are,he said.

“How could I forget something as important as this” she asked. “How?” The doctor reminded her that she had sustained a serious brain injury and had trouble remembering quite a few things that had happened the day of the accident. He also reminded her that she had no symptoms since that day.

The couple really didn’t know what to say. After all they had been through prior to and after the accident, this was not something they dared think or dream about. At least not for the foreseeable future.

She was pregnant. That was the news she had received the day of the accident and what the doctor told them today. After many, many tries at IVF, they had finally succeeded. It was a miracle then and it certainly was a miracle now. There was no understanding how her broken body and multiple surgeries could sustain a pregnancy, but it had.

As the news started to finally sink in, ecstatic smiles spread across their faces. This made all the agony she had endured fade into the background. All they felt was joy.



This week’s Indie Ink Challenge came from MarkG, who gave me this prompt: “While in recovery from a major injury, a character makes a surprising discovery.”  I challenged Jamelah with the prompt: “Run, and don’t look back.









4 thoughts on “The joy after recovery

  1. Ahhhh, nice story!!! I was hoping all the way through she was pregnant and then to learn she was an IVF patient made it even sweeter especially through that brutal description of her accident and recovery.

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