The Speech

**This post is part of Indie Ink’s Weekly Writing Challenge.  Rachel  was my Challenger this week. Her topic to me was “time travel and walk us through the one event you wish you could have been at in history.”  I in turn challenged Head Ant .**


The man was tired. Tomorrow was going to be a long day and he still had work ahead of him. He got up from the writing desk he had sat at, stretched, and walked to the huge bay window of the house he was staying in. He stared out the window without really seeing. His mind reviewed the writing he left on the desk. He had drafted, rather hurriedly, the speech at home and knew as he traveled to this house, that there was more that needed to be said.  This speech required no research, the occasion for the speech was enough.   It would reflect how he felt.

He was the second speaker tomorrow. The speaker ahead of him was known for being rather long-winded and was quite the orator! His speech would be much shorter.

He was going to be speaking on grounds that would be hallowed by the end of the day. A lot had happened at the scene where he was going to speak. He wanted his speech to show his feelings about that and his hopes for everyone going forward. No grandiose promises, grandstanding or long oration. Just a speech to acknowledge and honor the occasion.

He finished his speech and went to bed.

The next day, the man dressed in a new black suit, white gloves, and a black hat for the occasion. He rode on horseback, in a procession that included dignitaries and bands, to the event site. As he made his way to his seat, he noticed the field was packed with many spectators. This was an important event that meant alot to people, for many reasons.

The speeches began.

True to form, the first speaker, a much admired man, spoke for a long time. His speech (oration) went on for two hours. The spectators apparently enjoyed it as they gave him much applause. His speech was well-received.

It was now the man’s turn to speak. The spectators looked on as he unfolded his speech in front of him. He took a long breath to calm himself. As he gazed out at the field of spectators, across the hallowed and soon to be consecrated grounds, he began:

Fourscore and seven years ago…”






4 thoughts on “The Speech

  1. lol, I was riveted from the beginning but didn’t get it was Lincoln until the end! I assumed it was going to be a funeral. Nice job – I liked how you showed his quiet meditation on something that was so huge.

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