NaNoWriMo – Week 2; Gibberish

gib·ber·ish (jbr-sh) noun

1. Unintelligible or nonsensical talk or writing.

As I complete Week 2 of #NaNoWriMo, it occurred to me that I am a master of gibberish. Seriously.


My 18k words make no sense now.  When I started, I had a direction – well, sort of anyway. Somewhere around day 3, I changed direction and then around day 5, I changed again. Early this week, I once again took a left turn.

This week, my writing took on a life of its own and now looks like gibberish. Of course, being dead tired and falling asleep over the netbook doesn’t help. I typed a bazillion words the other night and have no idea what I wrote. That’s how tired I am. Gibberish, pure and simple.

Funny thing about self-imposed deadlines, they are exhausting. I work well under pressure, always have. However, this pressure is daunting and is wearing me out.

What I learned in Week 2:

1. I still suck at dialogue.

2. Forget the chapters, essay writing is so much easier.

3. Falling asleep at 8:00 pm (or thereabouts) does not make me an old fogey.

4. I have forgotten what the food groups are and made my own – caffeine.

5. Texts from the Mr asking me if I’m writing and what my word count is bugs the heck out of me now.

6. I’ve told too many people about this, I can’t quit now. (I wouldn’t anyway, but the thought has crossed my mind many times this week).

7. My “inner editor” is still a bitch and she still won’t STFU.

8. I write great gibberish.

9. On the other hand, I must be writing better, as the WordPress proofreader only made one suggestion this time!

I have to reach the half-way point (25K words) this weekend as we are literally half-way through the month. I’m delighted to add more gibberish to the pot. What the hell, I’ve nothing to lose at this point.


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Week 2; Gibberish

    • Aw thanks…

      I read your post “The End.” Next year, you should think about #NaNoWriMo, seriously. Balance is in the planning, not the doing as I’m finding out! That line with the writer finishing the manuscript only to find the lover had left, is chilling. I’m guessing it’s also truer than anything I’ve read in a long time. Would make a great beginning OR ending.

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