NaNoWriMo & what I learned in Week 1

So, it’s Saturday.  Total word count so far 7336.  Yep, I’m behind, not too far, but I’m behind.  I have written 306 words since Wednesday.  I will be spending this weekend playing catch up.  I hope to crack that 10k barrier today.

This is what I learned this week:

1.  Writing a novel is not the same as reading one.

2.  It’s perfectly ok to do the minimum word count suggested per day.

3. When your hands and wrist hurt, its time to take a break.

4. Food and sleep really are important. This is particularly true when you have to work, go to meetings (and take part),  create budgets and write reports.

5.  Dialogue writing sucks.

6. I am easily distracted when I’m stuck.

7. When I’m on a roll, I make the keyboard smoke.

8. What I’m writing is not a novel, but a very long essay…I forgot about inserting chapters!

9. I need a booster seat to use the tables on the train with the netbook.

10. I love my netbook — it is awesome.

11.  I procrastinate more than I should.

12. My “inner editor” is a bitch and I wish she would STFU.

13. I am not writing the “great American novel.”

These are but a few of the things I learned this week. It really has been an interesting learning experience and one exhausting week.

With that said, I’m off to add to my word count. Thanks to my friends (and the Mr)  for your support this week.

3 weeks and 42k+ words to go!


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo & what I learned in Week 1

  1. First off, good luck to you! Your list made me laugh, and it applies to writing a novel at any time of the year. Speaking as someone who has to wear a wrist brace when they type, if your hands hurt, take a break and stretch.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about number 8. Most of the time I don’t know where the chapter is going to begin or end until I write it, and they may change later. My chapters in my first drafts are arbitrary.

    Sorry you don’t like writing dialogue, it’s one of my favorite things to write. It didn’t use to be, though, I used to be awful at it.

    Anyway, enjoyed your post, and good luck reaching your word goals.

    • Thanks for stopping by.

      I finally had to take a couple of days and let my hands/wrists rest. They were really hurting.

      Dialogue writing is new for me, hence the reason I think it sucks. Conversations in my head don’t seem to translate the same when I write them — I am learning though.

      I didn’t realize I was writing an “essay” until I was scrolling through to find where I left off. That’s when I noticed…oops, no chapters. I’ll figure that out later.

      Fiction writing & NaNoWriMo are new for me – I have a lot to learn and 40k words to go!

      Glad you enjoyed the post.

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