NaNoWriMo – Day 1

Ok, so this is being posted on Day 2, I’m behind, I’m tired.

I started writing my novel yesterday. Lord knows it doesn’t look like a novel, nor does it read like one, yet.  But I started it.

Funny thing about this writing project.  When I started writing at lunchtime, I literally just wrote.  I have to say it was a liberating experience.  Just write, don’t edit. Hard to let my “inner editor” be silent, but it was nice.

By the time I finished my lunchtime writing, I had just over 1500 words.  Short of my 1700 word goal for the day, but I still had time to write when I got home.

So I get home, I’m anxious to continue writing and lo and behold my netbook had arrived.  My night then went like this: I have my laptop open with the flashdrive holding my novel plugged in, I’m unpacking my netbook and I’m trying to eat dinner that the Mr has made.  I was also very tired as I had little sleep the night before…anticipation for NaNoWriMo kept running through my head, which made me a bit more grumpier than I should have been. I literally was running around like an idiot trying to write, eat and program my new netbook.

After all that madness, I ended up writing on my laptop although I did twitter on the netbook.

My NaNoWriMo word count for day 1 was 2,335 words. Yay! I exceeded my goal of 1700 words per day, Monday through Thursday. Friday nights and weekends will be a free-for-all of writing. I hope I’m up for this!

Haven’t written one word so far today, but I will soon. Here’s looking at 1700 words!  Oh and I just love my netbook!


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